"We are rated one of the Top Ten CBSE schools in Bengaluru."

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Young Scholars Academy has a large campus spread over 200,000 sq. ft with infrastructure built over the years to meet the growing needs of its student population. Our classrooms are well furnished and spacious. We continually strive to have updated computer labs and scientific equipment. Our teaching aids are regularly inspected to ensure that our students have the best equipment.

Our sports facilities are state of the art. We have a large playground and a track for athletics events. Students are encouraged to participate and pursue excellence both in and out of the classroom. Facilities at Young Scholars Academy are being used by athletes competing at the national level

Interactive Classes

We at Young Scholars Academy want to provide the best the world has to offer in terms of medium of education. We also want to expose our students to different forms of teaching. Much of this is driven by Internet based technologies used under the supervision of our trained faculty.

The goal of interactive classes in Young scholars Academy is to engage students by finding ways for them to interact with the lesson content, the teacher, and their classmates. Accordingly, these classes are designed to appeal visually, stimulate thinking and accept challenges. One of advantages of interactive classes is the flexibility in choosing the content of the lesson based on the students' needs and find a new and better way to deal with the study content.

Interactive classes are valuable in their own right for recapturing attention and engaging students and also often a better way to teach a topic or get a point across. It helps to develop good questions, analyze the student responses, and incorporate that information into the classroom sessions.

Academy of Creative Teaching

Our Purpose

To be a world class school that provides best of education using modern technological tools, taught by highly qualified faculty to deliver best citizens of the world.

Our value

To achieve our vision in an environment of love, kindness & discipline with our students, parents & educational system.

ACT has consciously worked with willing managements in Bangalore, Northern Karnataka and rural Karnataka , Hyderabad Karnatak region, across India and the world which recognise and understand the need for providing quality education . The schools are located in various parts of Karnataka, India and the world and have been developed as centres of excellence. The schools provide quality education at affordable cost and yet nurture the identity of the learner seeped in Indian culture.

It is but imperative that schools no longer be considered as centers developing the academic acumen of the students but also the employability skills and emotional acumen to deal with a world that is changing at a rapid rate. One of the most essential attributes to be successful in the work environment is to be a team player with assertive communication skills and flexible approach to change .

The focus is on creating change agents who are self motivated and believe that change is not an overnight phenomena but a sustained effort. Change is not possible at once but is a result of a multiplier effect. No effort at change is too small or too large. Every little effort counts and makes the process of change a reality. The need to be prepared for change, whether it is with respect to personal effectiveness in the work arena or in the implementation of processes is of paramount urgency in today’s world.

To prepare the students, teachers, principals and school managements for the demands of the 21st century, a work ethic centered around change management has to created. To do so, lifelong training and the desire to unlearn, relearn and predict the trends is essential. ACT has worked with all stakeholders, trained them at regular intervals, audited the quality parameters in a school and promoted schools as centers of excellence.

Computer Lab

One cannot imagine a life without computers. Since computers are used in all aspects of day to day usage, it is very important that our students in Young Scholars Academy work hands on in the computer lab. Young Scholars Academy ensures that the computer lab has the best equipment that delivers value to the students. Our approach to computer education is comprehensive as well as unique. Our students constantly update their computer skills with the able guidance of our trained faculty.

Science Laboratory

Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are well ventilated and equipped with models, apparatus and work benches for learners to conduct experiments. All safety equipments are fixed in the laboratories to ensure safety of the learners.


We intend to maintain a well-stocked library with an engaging and relevant catalogue. The library is being set up in the new YSA building. Students are encouraged to utilize library facilities for completion of assignments. Our students also have time allotted to spend in the library simply to read and immerse themselves in the joy of reading.

We will ensure that their library exposes them to the latest in both the message and the medium. Plans are in place to eventually include ebooks and the latest digital text formats into the school library.

Security Measures

Safety First

Safety is of paramount importance of Young Scholars Academy.

1. Our premises is completely fortified. There are security guards and safety gates at various entry points.
2. Entry during school hours is restricted.
3. ID cards are issued to the Students, Parents/Drivers picking up the students are also issued with ID cards which have to be mandatorily shown to the teacher-in-charge.
4. CCTV cameras are installed throughout the school campus for the children's safety.
5. The display screen is monitored realtime by the school administrative staff.
6. Police verification for all staff has been done along the issue of the staff ID card.
7. All staff members are alert and concious of the concept of safety first.