Young Scholars Academy is a school with a 360˚ approach towards child development. Young Scholars Academy essentially helps students in expanding horizons, which helps enlarge the scope of life and help them to become more insightful with wisdom.

We at YSA strive to make education life-relevant and provide a framework of values to young people like patience, sympathy and sense of human dignity, with value-based education with fundamental traits of character such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility.

Young Scholars Academy teaches the students to cultivate strength, self-discipline, curiosity towards learning and listening and have qualities like character, commitment, conviction, courtesy, courage, and most importantly a positive attitude.

We provide all the state of the art facilities that makes school a joy. We have huge playgrounds, spacious classrooms, well-stocked library, well-equipped audio-visual room, computer labs and science laboratories. The school also boasts of a thriving environment to bring out the best in the children. Facilities for playing Volley ball, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, and Badminton have also been provided in the campus.

Young scholars Academy is prepared for the future. It equips the children with skills in this context -- skills that can help them navigate the uncertain future and succeed in the jobs and workplaces of future. It assists the children to adapt to uncertainty and change. Our children hone their skills of learning, they are taught to work successfully in groups and think critically to solve problems.

Young scholars Academy incorporates 'Value education' or 'Moral science' class to help children imbibe a good value system.

Values are practiced day in and day out within the school at all levels. We at Young scholars Academy believe that unless value education is driven in a well-structured programme in a consistent manner, values will not become integral to the character of the student as the time the children spend in school is very important. We understand that the parents look for schools to provide moral guidance to children, in addition to education.

Security cameras have been installed at all points and security guards are posted at all gates. There is no entry to visitors during school hours.ID cards is mandatory for the staff, students, parents and student’s pick up.

Learning spaces have evolved as compared to the olden days. They are filled with fun, games and learning activities. Children in Young Scholars Academy inhabit bright and cheery spaces with charts, maps, screens and more. Desks and benches are child-friendly.

In Young Scholars Academy emotional safety and development is paramount. We at YSA feel it is important that children learn in a supportive atmosphere of openness and empathy. The basis of learning and evolving is questioning.

Young Scholars Academy follows the CBSE curriculum. It is affiliated to the CBSE board.

The maximum class strength is 35 students in each class. In the classes 1st standard , 2nd standard and 3rd standard there are two teachers.

Apart from studies the extracurricular activities are yoga, art and craft, singing, dancing, club activities, Bhagvad Geeta chanting, sports, games and fitness.

Young Scholars Academy has an updated computer lab. Children are exposed to application of technology along with the latest syllabus. Classrooms are fitted with digital and ICT aids (smart classes) for the teachers to use a variety of digital teaching aids such as images, videos, and PPT presentations to complement their teaching.

As per the government rule a child should be 5.10 years as on May 31st of that academic year for admission into 1 ststandard in Young Scholars Academy.

The first language and the medium of instruction is English. The second language is Kannada (mandatory). Hindi is the additional language.

Yes, we encourage our students to converse in English.

Cleanliness and hygiene is extremely important and followed in all aspects in school. The facilities are always well maintained.

CBSE curriculum is a well planned curriculum emphasizing on the all round development of the students. The major advantage is that all major competitive examinations in India are based on CBSE curriculum. These include JEE and NEET (AIPMT).

CBSE is more structured and easy when compared to ICSE, mainly due to fewer subjects and a more compact structure. A certificate from CBSE is recognized throughout the country in all academic centres. The curriculum is more application based as the CBSE board follows a concentric curriculum.

100 % result was declared last year.

We use the evaluation system prescribed by the CBSE Board.

They can meet the teachers with a prior appointment and also at the PTMs.

The government has formulated this rule to ensure that that the child continues his/her education.

The school has outsourced the transport system to a highly reliable company. Parents can interact personally with the concerned person for all the details.

Young Scholars Academy has qualified and trained teachers as per CBSE norms and the teachers undergo periodic Professional Development to keep themselves abreast of the latest methods of teaching and learning to evolve to meet higher standards.

In Young Scholars Academy, the children are taken on field trips, visit local museums and places as we understand that connecting real world to what children learn inside the classrooms are becoming very important. We regularly conduct Achiever’s Meet in school as a source of inspiration. They meet achievers in various fields and are motivated by them.

Students are shortlisted based on previous school records (if applicable), school admission test and interaction.

The admissions happen till June of the academic year which is the time allotted by the government. The exact dates will be as per government rules.

Students from all boards are welcome at YSA. However, the students from other boards are required to clear the written test and should fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by CBSE.

Yes, children of NRIs and those from school abroad are also offered admission at Young Scholars Academy.

Yes, Aadhaar card copy submission in school is mandatory for the child. The details in the Aadhaar card should be the same as in the birth certificate.

Yes, parents also have to submit a copy of their Aadhaar card. It is important that the details like names have to match with the child’s birth certificate.

Yes, to maintain quality in all aspects of schooling and to provide upgraded facilities, the school fees is revised nominally every year.

We have ACT as our academic advisor to be in forefront for creative learning.

You can find out more about ACT on their website www.actedu.in