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Neetu Babin- Parent of Siddhaarth Babin - IV B

I am happy that my son is a part of this prestigious institution. He completed his 4th year in this school. I can see a lot of changes happening in the school from last two years. In fact there are more changes in academics and sports. The best part is the safety of the children. It is good in discipline, environment, infrastructure, extra care and a lot more. I look forward to his forthcoming years in school with anticipation and happiness.

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Ronymol. V. R Parent of Asher Riller Mathew- I C

I am very happy that my son is a part of YSA family. My son is in grade 1 and as a parent I can see a lot of progress in him both academically and non-academically. The school and the staff work so well and the pupils feel the benefits. Here we have a great atmosphere for our children, especially in the areas of safety and hygiene. I am glad that my son has got a wonderful opportunity to study in this prestigious institution.

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Shwetha M. R- Parent of Bhuvan B. P- LKG

Young Scholars Academy has given excellent education to my child. The school encourages his innovative ideas. This really has boosted his self confidence.

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Rashmi Suraj - Parent of Shaurya Suraj –III A

There are many good things I could say about the school but to keep it concise, here are my top few:

• An excellent school, gives importance to all round development of personality to the students.
• I love the core values that the management has put in, they are brilliant and are very cooperative in extending all requirements to the institution.
• I also find the praise note system very effective as the children love to receive them and therefore try their best in everything they do.
• The school feels cosy and safe and that is very important to me.
• I am happy with Young Scholars Academy.

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Meruka Manjunath – Parent of Vedanth – V A

I had been looking for admission in some good school in this area as I live close by. I had spoken to Principal before creative teaching. I have personally visited the campus & its unbelievable beautiful. In fact I was surprised to find that the school has a huge area. I had also visited. I had also visited other schools in this vicinity, this school has good facilities which cannot be compared.

I am satisfied with my son’s overall progress & determined to continue his education here.