"We are rated one of the Top Ten CBSE schools in Bengaluru."

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Young scholars

An Outstanding CBSE School Modelling Excellence

We are a State of the art facility located in V Nagenahalli near Kanaka Nagar, RT Nagar Post and affiliated to CBSE. Our school has a healthy student to teacher ratio.

Young Scholars Academy, YSA, is a school that focuses on fundamentals. We have a curriculum that has an extensive sporting quotient as well as a rigorous academic syllabus. Our students are taught to embrace change, yet retain and cherish their core values.

We have good experienced faculty & support staff who know how to make the infrastructure both available and useful to our students. Our school is well equipped with a computer lab, library, playground and tennis courts. We have added a new block for additional class rooms.

Our vision is to build not just a place where students learn but a strong institution that stays within the hearts and minds of our students as they graduate and move on to higher studies. We have plans to formally include scholarship programmes and national level sports coaching programmes. Further, we intend to include unique foreign language courses to prepare our students for the world of the future. Please explore our website for more information or make an appointment and visit our campus.

From the Principal


Every child is born with potential. It is the Family and School which brings out and polishes every individual’s potential. The Aim of Y.S.A. is to accomplish this task in the best possible way. In the process YSA doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

With the assistance of Academy of Creative Teaching, the teaching faculty of the school and cooperative parents YSA is sculpting its own majestic statue in Vishwanath Nagenahalli.

On its five years journey, milestones were erected in all the fields of education.

YSA will continue to strive for the best in the coming years too.

It is a place where children Enter to Learn and Leave to Achieve, to make the Motto of the institution: “TO LEARN TO LEAD” a reality.

With Hopes and Dreams

Surabhi Yamini Iyengar

Staff List

Young Scholars Academy
V.Nagenahalli, RT Nagar Post, Bangalore – 32
Sl. No. Name Qualification
1 Surabhi Yamini Iyengar, Principal M.Sc(FRM), MBA, B.Ed.
2 Shubhada Warake, Vice Principal M.Sc., B.Ed.
3 Vijayarani R BBA
4 Sunaina Karajagi, Academic Coordinator M.A., B.Ed., CIDTL.
5 Divya Latha R, Academic Coordinator M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed.
6 Asfiya S, Primary Coordinator B.Com., B.Ed.,
7 Nikita Gramopadhye, Pre-primary Coordinator B.Com.,
8 Roopa Jai Singh, HOD - Mathematics B.Sc., B.Ed.,
9 Nagaratna Bhat, HOD - Social M.Sc., B.Ed.,
10 Samruddhi S Patil, HOD - Hindi M.A., B.Ed.,
11 Savitha D A, HOD - Kannada M.A., B.Ed.,
12 Ranjitha Devarasu, HOD - Computer Diploma in Instrumentation
13 Anuradha Bai K
14 B S Jyothi
15 Bindhu G DCP, B.A
16 Dechamma BBM, NTT
17 Glory Usha M.Com.,
18 Halima Sadia M.Sc., B.Ed.,
19 Hephzibah Sudish M.A.,
20 Jyothi M V B.Sc., B.Ed
21 Jyothi Reena Smilin C B.com, NTT, MTT
22 Kanchana Karanki M.com, MTT
23 Kavitha Muralidhar NTT
24 Kumar Saurav B.Tech., B.Ed
25 Mary Pauline C B.A., B.Ed.,
26 Meruka Manjunath B.sc, MTT
27 Nishath Anjum M.com, B.ed
28 Nishitha Navin M.com, MTT
29 Percy Khan NTT, C.Ped.
30 Prathiba V S MBA
31 Radha K B.Tech
32 Ragini Sequeira Mont. Dled
33 Ramya B R M.Sc., B.Ed.
34 Rashmi Nagendra Shesha B.A., B.Ed.,
35 Rashmi Suraj B.A, ECCE
36 Rehana Banu B.Sc, B.ed
37 Renuka H Gowda D.Ed.,
38 Sabiha Begum NTT
39 Shafakath Begam M.Sc., B.Ed.
40 Shwetha M R B.Com., B.Ed.,
41 Supriya S. Patil MBA, B.ed
42 Vanitha V M.A
43 Tabassum Begum B.sc, Bed
44 Vidya S Gundkal D.Ed.,
45 Reshma Kouser Msc in Psychology & Counselling
46 Maresha Babu B.A, M.Ped
47 Durga Devi B.Com, B.Ped
48 Gayithri V B.Ped
49 Krishna Murthy G B.Com., M.L.I.Sc.
50 Praveena G Art & Craft
51 Bhagya Lakshmi Diploma in CS & Engineering
52 Bhavya PRO
53 K Meenakshi M.Com, PGDGA
54 Lourdu Mary S B. A
55 Neeraj L B.com
56 Rehana Begum A B.A, TCH
57 Rekha A S B.A
58 Roopakala B.com, MBA
59 Vidya Diploma in Electronic Engineering
60 Sathish R --
61 Asha M Bhat --
62 Anthony Mary --
63 K. Ananthi Kumari --
64 Riyaz Basha --
65 Anand Kumar S L --
66 Dan Bahadur --
67 Anjinamma -
68 Gowramma -
69 Jayamma -
70 Lakshmi R -
71 Manjula -
72 Nirmala -
73 P Vishala -
74 Prema -
75 Rathnamma -
76 Roopa Bai -
77 Sakamma -
78 Saleena Kumari -
79 Shabana -
80 Shaheen Taj -
81 Venkata lakshmi -
82 V Uma Maheshwari -
83 Ravi P V -
84 Raju -
85 Sher Bahadur -
86 Sarjent Sanath Kumar -
87 Sunil -

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

To offer our school a value based and holistic education which paves the way for the integrated development of the Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of the personality, enriched by knowledge of Indian Culture, a feeling of patriotism and a global outlook.

Our Mission

Working together to provide an inclusive, high quality, enjoyable learning experience where success is celebrated and childeren feel "VALUED".

Our Motto

To Learn To Lead, is what Young Scholars Academy is all about. Love for learning and the motivation to succeed is what we strongly infuse in our students. Our aim is to ignite the instincts of the students with their own perseverance and effort, enabling them to excel in every sphere of life.

We aim to achieve this by providing a place where students feel comfortable, safe and accepted. We promote open communication between parents, teachers and students which encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

At Young Scholars Academy we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our students and staff in learning and leadership. Importantly, we seek to develop a sense of community through academic and extracurricular activities with a focus on character development.

Our Values

Aspiration. Inspiration. Joy.

Respect. Honesty. Kindness.

Creativity. Involvement. Achievement.

Partnership. Community Life. Enthusiasm.


School is the foundation for every child and it is here that every child develops one’s attitude and skills, while they increase their knowledge through education.

Skills & Attitude

At YSA our teachers and staff serve to enhance the skills and shape the attitude of students, in addition to growing their knowledge. In the current dynamically evolving world, it is imperative that students develop skills and also have an excellent attitude to be successful in their career endeavours.

Young Scholars Story

Moved by the hardships middle class people face due to lack of educational facilities Mr. Ravikumar Raju took the initiative to start a school that would cater to their educational needs.

His dream materialized in 2011, by building the school with one floor and starting with classes from I Std. to VIII Std. under State Syllabus. Over the years it has grown up to class 10 under CBSE Board. Due to popular demands, Kindergarten was started in 2012. Our students have passed out with flying colours with 100% results.

We have made a tremendous leap in a span of eight years. We have expanded our campus facilities with the addition of the second floor. We have upgraded our Science, Computer Laboratories and Library endowed with a massive collection of books to expose the students to the World of Knowledge, related to various branches of study.

Keeping in view that “Doing is Learning”, we have developed facilities for Mathematics Lab, Language and Thinking Skills Lab and Indoor Games.

YOUNG SCHOLARS KINDERGARTEN (LKG and UKG), a small section dedicated only for the welfare of the tiny tots was started on popular demand.

LITTLE SCHOLARS MONTESSORI is the sister institution of Young Scholars Academy. This was stared twelve years ago to provide a choice to the parents in their search for a different approach in educating their wards.


Chair Person of the Institution: Mr. Ravikumar Raju

Secretary of the Institution: Mrs. Tara Rama Raju

PATRON: Lakshmi Narayana Charitable Trust

Academy of Creative Teaching

Laxminarayana Charitable Trust

Young Scholars Academy is run under the aegis of the Lakshmi Narayana Charitable Trust. The trust has established educational institutions, retirement homes and vocational training centers, and has a long history of dedicated service to society.

Education, quality education, is the only sure way to contribute towards improving quality of living, fostering social equality and making room for responsible growth. It is a sector that requires long term planning and true vision. YSA is a flagship project of the trust, created primarily to bring and sustain quality educational facilities to the area it serves. The management's vision for YSA is to create an institution that will provide decades of dedicated service to the school's students in particular and society in general. Keeping this in mind the commitment to YSA from the trust is a multi-generational investment in resources and more importantly, time.


Our team focuses on increased student achievement with instruction methods that reflect current research and proven classroom practices.

FACULTY - An enriching asset!

Our most important learning resource is our dedicated and well-qualified staff. Our teachers are reflective practitioners who champion the principle of 'Learning to Succeed', always striving to learn from each other, in order to raise the standards of our students.We select our teachers carefully, spend a great deal of time in upgrading them and are encouraged to plan collaboratively so that their lessons are stimulating to ignite the spark in the students.

We extend our learning experiences by recruiting professionals specialised in different fields like music, dance, yoga, martial arts, art and craft and indoor sports, thereby bringing about a 'real life' perspective in the respective areas.The faculty supports the school’s mission , vision , values and goals both in terms of attitude and action.

They communicate the importance of lifelong learning through their commitment to ongoing professional development. Our teachers and instructors work to create conditions that promote student success. They encourage colleagues and students in an atmosphere of support and respect. We encourage our faculty to collaborate and improve students’ learning by employing new instructional strategies and methods of assessment. Our teachers are hired for their professionalism, personal integrity and commitment.

There is also a school counsellor, who guides the students on life skills and methods to manage their education effectively.

Our Teaching Framework

The Family in which you are born is not your choice but the Friends you make is your choice - The Corner Stone on which the Values and Attitudes of the Young Scholars is based upon.

To make it practical DISCIPLINE is given prime importance.

They are guided to be Punctual, Clean, and Regular. Skills of Organizing and administrating oneself are instilled in them. Development of Leadership and Team Work is the way of life in Y.S.A. The Y.S.A. learners are motivated to reach the State –of the -Art in whatever they do.

Balancing Academics with Co-Curricular activities is the special outstanding quality built in the learners at Y.S.A.

Transparency and confidentiality is maintained while counseling and guiding the learners.

Utmost importance is given to hold on to their Faithful Five Friends…What, When, Why, Where, How through developing Thinking Skills comprising of Self-Awareness, Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking.

Any learner who completes his ten years in Y.S.A. becomes a holistic personality who embraces timely changes yet retain and cherish the core values of Indian Culture.


Young Scholars Academy Alumni Association presents an opportunity for past students to maintain a connection with the school and stay in touch with former classmates. The significant aim of Alumni Association is to develop and foster a healthy link/connection between the Alumni and Current students.

Alumni Enquiry Form

General Information

Young Scholars Academy is a CBSE affiliated school established and managed under the aegis of Lakshmi Narayana Charitable Trust. Our vision is to empower the children with holistic education, shaping them to be tomorrow’s leaders. YSA school has comfortably bridged the contemporary with traditional values to infuse the highest morals and ethics in students, laying a strong foundation for their career. YSA lays great emphasis on the safety and security of the students, which is evident by the safety measures and secure environment that not only gives confidence to the parents but also provides freedom to nurture creativity and joy.